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NDS utilizes local real estate agents to help liquidate our customer's assets in the quickest timeframe possible while maximizing asset return. What this means for you, a well performing agent, is additional business. If you can live up to our high standards of quality, we could utilize your exceptional service while bringing you additional business. Below you can find some information about our vendor referral policy.

Vendor Selection

At NDS, we select vendors based on their reputation, their ability to meet our clients' requirements, and for their ability to integrate with our existing systems. The process for selecting our vendors is as follows.

  • We develop a needs analysis and requirements matrix.
  • We form a vendor evaluation committee. This committee is comprised of:
    • Senior Management
    • The Department Head that will govern the vendors operations
    • Corporate Counsel (depending on scope of vendor operations)
  • We develop a formalized vendor evaluation-rating schema used to evaluate candidate vendor responses on the basis of our needs analysis and requirements matrix.
  • We develop and issue a vendor solicitation and instructions for responses.
  • We evaluate responses independently and as a committee through our rating schema.
  • The top rated respondents (one or more) are scheduled for formal presentations as needed.
  • Our Committee votes on the results and impressions gained through each potential vendor's presentation.
  • The top candidate is then subject to a process of due diligence and contract negotiations to apply additional checks with respect to the accuracy of statements and financial stability.
  • A contract is executed with the winning vendor(s), which for example also binds customer requirements, performance guarantees, non-disclosure agreements, certifications and representations, and any other program requirements as may be related to our needs and requirements analysis.

Subcontractor Management

Management of vendor operations is the responsibility of our Senior Management Team. Our subcontractors are required to meet all of the performance metrics required by our clients, as well as additional standards for performance and customer service that are defined by our contractual relationship with our vendors.

To support our vendors' efforts, we provide both training and detailed guidance with respect to the defined contract workflow, all expectations, and all requirements.


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